Monday, June 23, 2003

Can you effing believe this shite?

I'm venting.

I've been moving all weekend. I am sore, to the bone. I told my ex-
roommate that I would not be able to move out completely until the
end of June. I told her she could not have anyone move in until I'd
had an inspection so that I could recoup my deposits (pet- $1200,
security $700). This biatch had a new person moving in yesterday. I
informed her that she could not put anything in my room until I said
so. Then I left. When I returned later that evening, the harpy who
still lives in my apartment had barricaded the door with a chair!

She said she was afraid I would do something to hurt her or the
apartment. Like I would do anything to jeopardize a $1900 deposit? I
could entertain all the things I'd like to do to her, but I'm not
some crazy person who attacks people or things. I'm tempted to call
this an issue of racism, though I hate to make those kind of
accusations, because people always get all self-righteous about such

I'm so mad. She is so passive-aggressive. Says she never got my 4
messages that I wasn't going to be done moving out until later this
week. What a liar. All I can hope for is karma.

So I have to leave work now, go home and clean the
f--k out of my place so I can have an inspection done this afternoon.

Wow. Now what the hell did I do to deserve all this?

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