Thursday, June 26, 2003

Oh. My.

What interesting news headlines we have today.

First of all, the outright segregationists are dying. Strom Thurmond kicked it today. That Atlanta mayor died this week too. Some other one died last week I think. We will enter a new era of economic racism, after a fashion. Much harder to combat than the overt bigotry of the last century. Shoot, there's black people like Ward Connerly and James McWhorter to contend with, in addition to guys like Trent Lott and Robert Byrd. Yeesh.

A new era of sexual equality, but still not gender equality, is coming. The Supreme Court actually overturned the crazy Texas sodomy law today. And gay marriage is legal in Canada. Just how the hell will that affect that whole full faith and credit clause? Is that the one I'm thinking of? I dunno. Time to brush up on my Bill of Rights knowledge.

People are starting to wise up to the fact that the rich really are getting richer while the rest of us scramble for ever-dimishing table scraps. Maybe we can really drive this point home before the election next year and get rid of this crony capitalism for a while.

A blow to the war on drugs, but step in the right direction in terms of where we put our money-- a new study shows that marijuana actually does not impair higher cognitive function. Now, could we please legalize this so we can spend our coast guard and law enforcement dollars elsewhere?

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