Monday, June 02, 2003

So the blog is updated. I like this scheme better, but I'll have to change the colors.

We had layoffs and restructuring last Thursday at my company. My cubemate and partner in crime was laid off. I pour out liquor for you, p-dub. Another friend of mine whom I considered a great resource was laid off as well, in the middle of her pregnancy!

I miss them. I have all these great jokes I want to share, yet no one who really gives a shit. For instance, my friend Ed, who is a reporter for a well-known, yet unnamed Sacramento newspaper, and I were having an enjoyable email conversation. At some point, the new FCC deregulations came up. I asked him "So, when do you start work for Heasrt/AOLTimeWarner/Viacom/GE?" He replied "The deal should be done by the end of the day." I laughed out loud in my cube. But there was no one to share my mirth with. :(

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