Sunday, July 20, 2003

I went to home decor mecca yesterday, IKEA.
As usual, it was crowded. Since I was getting a much-needed respite from the brutal heat of Sacto, I didn't mind. The temperature was so nice and cool, 66 degrees. You know that 65-70 is my favorite temperature range, right? So nice and cool. This made me realize that I really do have to move back to Seattle, or San Francisco, or Portland even. I just can't take the summers here forever. It's going to be 96 to 103 ALL WEEK LONG.

Anyway, I got a really great new coffee table and dining room chairs!

The coffee table was only $20! And the chairs were $10 apiece.

I also got this stool for $5. In white.

My apartment is shaping up nicely. All that remains is to get some art on the walls.

And IKEA's a-changing! They have fabric that you can buy by the yard. They've created play areas in each section of the store, so parents can look at the furniture and the kids stay occupied. A good thing. They have a new bed frame which is just what I'm looking for, and I can only wish they'd had it last year when I almost bought the Logga bed, despite what everyone else said about it looking convalescent. Oh, and there was a new couch style that I really liked, but I forget the name. It was very simple and elegant. Man, I just love IKEA.

You should see the cute plants and yellow and orange plastic pots I got.

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