Tuesday, July 29, 2003

I've been reading the Daily kos. I'm positively giddy about Bushie's falling approval rating.

But I've been thinking.

Maybe we shouldn't be so focused on the hardline liberal issues. The same goes for the repugs regarding their pet conservative causes. Maybe there are some issues that we need to leave alone and move on to solving problems that we can do something about. There will always be bitterly divisive issues that split the two parties. So how about we just come to a compromise? We get reproductive rights, you get gun rights. Everything else is on the table. Balancing business profits and worker's rights. Walking the line between free enterprise and consumer protection. Compromising between taxation and social services. (This is not to say that this is my utopia, I'm a hard core social democrat, but I can be pragmatic when I need to be, and I understand it's role in accomplishing important tasks.)

I suppose that would just be a version of what we have today. The only difference being that we'd stop campaigning on issues no one can ever really do anything about. We stop focusing on making guns illegal, they stop the assault on a woman's right to choose. And everyone is free to tackle the more pressing issues that affect our daily lives.

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