Friday, July 04, 2003

Poll Says Slim Majority Support Recall of California Gov. Gray Davis

What would ousting Gray Davis really accomplish? Besides putting a Republican bastard in office 3 years sooner? Did Monsieur Davis do anything wrong? Really? The energy crisis was the result of bad policy implementation. The budget deficit is the result of increased government spending and tax cuts over the last 5-6 years. And the accumulated debt related to the umpteen bond issues that California voters approve willy-nilly through the initiative process. Do you want to operate as a giant democracy or a republic? There's a reason why we have a representative government in this state. It is supposed to be so that the EXPERTS can GOVERN the state. Not the masses who have to go to work and take kids to soccer practice and play golf on the weekends or fix the car or whatever. Unless governance is your occupation or your passion, you don't know shit. I'm sorry if that seems elitist, but it is the truth.

Some people blame him for the loss of the 9 billion dollar surplus the state enjoyed three years ago. I have two issues with this line of reasoning.

1) We had a power emergency. Davis had no choice but to pay the bastards. Saying that he should have dealt with it sooner is like saying that people should stop driving cars now so we have better air quality in the future. True, but impracticable based on the current realities of modern American life.

2) Where are these people when we talk about federal deficits and surpluses? The same people bitching about G.D. due to their intentional ignorance regarding the factors that led to the current state budget morass have ABSOLUTELY no qualms with the president doing much the same thing and using much the same logic to justify his behavior? Flipping hypocrites.

And don't try to convince me that tax cuts are necessary for short and long term economic growth. We had tax INCREASES in the 90's under Clinton, with the fully disclosed intent of REDUCING the national debt. And in a Republican controlled congress, he got them passed. And THEN, we had the largest economic boom in recent memory.

Doesn't anyone take economics anymore? This is all just par for the course. Things come and go in cycles. There are hard times, and there are good times. There are things we can do to improve outcomes over the long term, but ultimately, much of this is out of our control.

Scapegoating Gray Davis isn't going to change anything. Except the name of the guy in the Governor's office in Sacramento.

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