Saturday, October 11, 2003


Meeting Guys in Bars? Me?

Nope, not really. I'm generally not the sort of girl who gets drinks bought for her. Mainly because I like to take care of that sort of thing myself. Unless one of my gentlemanly friends is buying for me. I haven't really figured out how to reconcile that with my desire to be beholden to no one. But there's also the fact that I just don't see myself as the kind of lady who guys want to buy drinks for. I am incapable of small-talk. If I am going to spend time talking to you, I want to know that you've got your head on straight. For instance, my new test question is: "Can you believe Arnold is the governor?" If I fail to elicit an exasperated response, or at the very least, a well-reasoned rationale for why they voted for him, I probably won't enjoy their company. Most people I talk to roll their eyes, which is sufficient for me.

Last night, me and the girls went to see Alkali Flats and my girl Maddie's band Tree Full of Owls. I like going out in Sacto now--I know people or meet cool new people everytime. Anyway, after an excellent show, we ended up across the street at Simon's. I know nothing about this place, but it had really cheap drinks. I got 3 midori sours and a pear cider for $15. The sours were mine, the cider was Alice's. I will have to keep that place on my short list of cheap drinking establishments.

As Alice and I were getting ready to leave, I saw a guy on the other end of the bar that looked very familiar to me. He is also very hot. And I think to myself, no hot guy would be looking at me unless he knew me! So I stood waiting to pay my tab and mentally churning through where I might now him from. He seemed like someone I would have known in college.

But he wasn't. I know him from Sierra Club. His name is Jeremy, and he is super smart. I remember that he gave a presentation to us regarding fair trade practices about a year ago. And then I was shocked to find that I'd been going to Sierra Club meetings for over a year. Wow.

We got to talking about his graduate school efforts and being too busy to help with the Sierra Club Conservation Corps. My excuse has been work and grad school prep. His is an MBA program in Environmental Entrepreneurship at New College. The program appears to focus on creating environmentally and socially responsible companies while still making a profit. It reminds me of an article I haven't had the chance to read, called The Greening of American Capitalism.

It was a good conversation, and I let him buy me a drink.

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