Thursday, October 16, 2003


Cursed Allergies

Perhaps there is something to the lore surrounding Sactown allergy proclivities. They say that if you didn't have them before you moved here, you will develop them when you get here. I certainly didn't have hay fever before I moved here, just a mild crab (not all shellfish, just crab) allergy and an oddly violent horse allergy.

Something in the trees in Roseville has a profound effect on me. As soon as I cross into Roseville in my car, my eyes start watering and my nose gets itchy. It's ridiculous. Today was no different, except in the magnitude of my reaction.

I had an allergy attack (!) 45 minutes ago. A sneezing fit of epic proportions. Luckliy, I broke down and bought some Wal-i-tin (generic claritin) last week, so I was able to stem the unending tide of body-wracking sneezes. I feel much better now.

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