Monday, October 13, 2003

book club bitchiness


Yesterday, I pissed off the originator of book club. I had suggested slightly altering the format of the meeting, to include both the selected book, Burmese Days, and other titles by George Orwell.

This was only a suggestion, based on the fact that I had received feedback from several book club regulars that:

1) they were having difficulties with the book, or
2) acquiring the book from the library or other sources was very difficult.

I can vouch for the second myself. The library has but 6 copies, and 5 of them were checked out when I got mine. The book is long, the typeset is tiny, and builds very slowly to its climax. It is good, and I like reading it, but I am also interested in having as many people benefit from book club as possible. I was hoping to make it more inclusive by discussing not only the themes in Burmese Days, but how Orwell's first foray into fiction influenced his later works. Particularly, the similarities between Burmese Days and 1984, one of my most favorite books of all time. But apparently, I have engendered the notion that reading the book for book club is "completely optional." So I won't do that again. I might not do book club again.

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