Monday, October 27, 2003

books to read

Support Independent Bookstores!

Whilst investigating this title, I came across a link to the Tattered Cover Bookstore in Denver, CO. This is one of my favorite independent bookstores. I am big on indie bookstores. There's something so satisfying about perusing titles in a retail outlet that feels so singular. Like there's only one or two of these fantastic stores, with their book-filled wooden walls and yummy free trade coffee in the cafe and overstuffed chairs and cozy reading nooks.

I have two other favorite indie bookstores. At Powell's in Portland, OR, the selection is so massive it could take a search and rescue team to find me amidst the stacks. This place is literally a block long. I am certain Jeff Bezos was inspired by a visit to Powell's.

Seattle boasts a wonderful bookstore with an excellent vegetarian cafe in its lower reaches, the Eliott Bay Book Company. I love this store, with its high ceilings and shelves that remind me of driftwood, and the funky, not-so-secret upper level with all the spiritual books. It makes you want to curl up there and read Carlos Castaneda all day while the weather outside drizzles, as Seattle weather generally does.

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