Friday, October 10, 2003

California Insider - Schwarzenology

California Insider - Schwarzenology

This is a post from Dan Weintraub's blog. I may not always agree with Mr. Weintraub, as he tends to skew conservative on a lot of issues, and to be an apologist for the Goobernator, but this discussion gives me some hope that not all is lost in this mangled recall debacle.

Weintraub posits the following strategies as first steps the new administration may take:

1) Get some money from the Feds. I suspect we'll have to give up our coastal protections to get it. That is bad, but free money is good.

2) Cutting a deal with the Indian gaming lobby. You give us money, we what? Leave you alone I suppose.

3) Audit the books. According to Weintraub and our inarticulate, oafish governor-elect, there is some subterfuge regarding the true size of our operating deficit. The first step to illuminating this is to "let the sun shine in" (yes, Arnold actually said that). From there, we can make plans about how to close the gap.

4) Borrow a fuckload of money. A $20 billion bond issue, a "deficit bond" which will cover the costs of reinstating the Vehicle License Fee rebate (i.e. rescind the "car tax"--really bad terminology you should ignore).

5) Institute a spending cap. No more new spending without a vote of the people.

I think I can deal with most of these strategies. A 20 billion dollar bond issue is small change for a state of this size. It would give us breathing room.

What I don't like is how Mr. Schwarzenegger intends to exploit the initative process to circumvent the legislature. I think the initiative obsession this state has is largely responsible for all of it's problems. If we are going to have a full participatory democracy, then we need to be a smaller state. There are too many conflicting issues, and not enough time for the average Joe to consider them.

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