Thursday, October 09, 2003

dressy bessy + munia

Oh Whatta Night

It began with dinner at Hamburger Mary's with Alicia. I had the Bleu Burger and Alicia had a portobella mushroom burger. Yum yum.

We sauntered over to Capitol Garage after our meal. We arrived early enough to chat with Leon and Chris, and they were kind enough to put us on the guest list. Munia, my favorite Sacto band, sounded excellent. They seemed to enjoy the show too. I wish I'd had more energy during their set, as I would have liked to demonstrate my enthusiasm by dancing a bit.

Amelie, Heather from toneVENDOR, and le Guph were at the show as well. We were all wearing black mary janes. How silly.

Dressy Bessy was fun and energetic. The singer, Tammy, made us get off our sorry shoegazer asses and dance! A good time was had by all.

We enjoyed them so much we each bought one of their albums.

I ended up at Amelie's later for a walk with Seamas and some late-night viewing of Stand and Deliver, that touching story of how Jaime Escalante got those thuggish kids to pass the Calculus AP test. Our critique of the movie: the clothing did not reflect the fashions of 1982, the year in which the events took place.

Sometimes it's hard to suspend disbelief.

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