Monday, October 27, 2003

false security

A False Sense of Security

This is actually the third story today to come out of Baghdad. It is under siege by the "shadowy insurgents" that have slowly been increasing their presence in Iraq over the last few months. Previous attacks were made upon lightly guarded targets. The guerrillas almost killed Paul Wolfowitz yesterday. An Iraqi ambulance was detonated in front of the Red Cross. Several police stations were attacked. In concert, there have been multiple car-bombings across Baghdad. If Iraq wasn't a haven for terrorists before, as Bush claimed it to be, it certainly is now.

I'm sure that's little consolation and no surprise to the (at this time) 34 dead and 224 wounded in these spectacularly orchestrated attacks. Regardless of how foolish, wasteful and damaging our policy in Iraq may be, Bush says we will stay the course.

This is a major setback for the international community, which just completed a donors conference at which it became apparent that the United States can expect to pay even more than we already have for digging up a country that didn't need digging up in the first place.

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