Sunday, October 12, 2003

Government by Celebrity Is Already Asserting Itself

Government by Celebrity Is Already Asserting Itself:

    "How much leverage will his fame give him to raise money for like-minded political allies and to persuade a Democratic Legislature to pass unpopular policies and a fickle public to accept them? "

This article is interesting. It discusses how before Arnold, and before Reagan, there was Eisenhower and Kennedy. The cult of celebrity has permeated our government time and time again. The difference with Arnold and Reagan is their relative lack of experience, particularly Arnold's.

This is the worst financial crisis this state has ever seen and we elected a tyro to the helm. While Gray Davis may have been the most reluctant leader ever, he does have 30+ years experience in California government. Arnold has no experience in government whatsoever, unless you consider being Bush I's mouthpiece for fitness as governmental experience. I can only hope the Arnold is political prodigy, and that he somehow gets the state out of its mess without hurting too many people and environmental regulations. Anyone know what he's about environmentally?

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