Saturday, October 18, 2003

rant against the spork

Spork you!

I have a few vices, one of them being mashed potatoes and gravy from KFC.

In the plastic industry's quest to create an eating implement with the greatest utility, the spork was created. Sporks are great for solid foods such as cole slaw, rice, salad, chicken, etc. Sporks are also very effective when they function as spoons, for eating cereal, soup, yogurt.

The spork is such a convenient and versatile eating utensil that it comes in titanium.

The downfall of the spork, however, is my mashed potatoes and gravy. The spork simply fails to pick up any gravy not already deposited on the top of the pile of potatoes. Since the gravy is essential to enjoying the reconstituted starch product KFC insists on calling mashed potatoes, this deficit in spork efficiency is glaringly obvious.

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