Monday, October 06, 2003

recall recall recall

Recall, recall, recall-- alright already!

Since Friday, my household has received no less than 10 calls asking me the following:

1) Can we count on your "NO" vote on the recall?
2) Can we also count on your "NO" vote on Propostion 54?
3) Can we count on your support for Lieutenant Governor Cruz Bustamante?

Yes, dammit. I am a registered DEMOCRAT. For God's sake. I will be voting NO on everything because I don't believe this election should be happening. I don't believe that this recall is being used for its original intended purpose. I don't believe in taking 10 steps backwards in order to ensure a color-blind society, through pretending that racial inequalities don't exist. I don't believe in forcing the representative goverment of my state to spend money in a way the short-sighted public sees fit, or, in the case of Prop. 53, the way a certain industry sees fit.

I can't believe the takeover has reached my state too. I always felt like I was in a nice isolated enclave, no matter how much the rest of the country went to shit.

I swear. I am moving to France.

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