Monday, October 06, 2003

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Bush cries uncle

So Dubya finally has to admit that he made a mistake. Rummy has been bitch-slapped no matter what the talk track may be. It is about time that people acknowledge that this war, no matter how noble or corrupt (and it is both), is being completely mismanaged. I do not want to hear from the Bush apologists or the guilty-conscience pro-war leftists on this one, nor the idealistic leftists who think we should just pull out. You have set ways of going about reconstructing a country. One of the first things you do is establish security. That's pretty much impossible without a sizeable peacekeeping force. According to an article (that I can't find the link to) I read last month, in situations such as these, the security of both the occupied people and the occupying troops is endangered the fewer troops there are on the ground. So assuming the 100,000 troops is sufficient to establish security in a country of 25 million people is absurd. They need to empower the Iraqis to take care of their own. This can't happen if we keep shooting them. This also can't happen if they perceive us as a colonizing influence (which we are). So letting all these American companies invest, without helping Iraq to develop its own home-grown industries does nothing to endear us to them.

But ultimately, I will believe this "reorganization" when it delivers material results.

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