Sunday, October 26, 2003


Home again

Camping in Salt Point was fantastic. Though it took an outrageous 5 hours (twice the time estimated by Yahoo! maps), we got to do a little tidepooling in Gerstle Cove. Like my usual overloaded and forgetful self, I forgot something: the probes and datalogger from work. I don't know what novel use I might have found for the probes, but it would have been nice to have at least the conductivity and ph sensors. Oh well. It would have meant more junk for me to shove into Amelie's car.

Aren't we cute camping grrls?

I got to test out my fantastic new tent, which is compact in its carrying case but opens into the perfect size. Surprisingly, my body withstood the hard ground quite well. My back doesn't hurt at all today. I still don't understand how people slept comfortably before pillowtop mattresses though.

This was my first expedition to the North Coast. We took a more circuitous route than suggested by Yahoo! maps. Alice and Amelie insisted that it was shorter. Perhaps in mileage, but maybe not on time. I liked the route we took, because I got to see lots of northern Cali that I've never visited before. (I've seen the entire central and south coasts.) We drove past Bodega Bay, a place I'd like to return to for a future visit. I'd never seen Sonoma or Sebastopol before either. All pretty terrain. Too bad it was an ungodly 96 degrees! It figures, I'd head to the coast on one of the warmest days of the year for that region. Fortunately, that also meant that we were warm and cozy in my spacious tent. While I like the size, I can tell I'll need a really good sleeping bag if I plan to keep warm on spring and fall trips.

I am beat. Even though it's not yet 10PM, I'm heading to bed. We've returned to Pacific Standard Time, so don't forget to set your clocks back. Yay! An extra hour, which I will use to insert GRE study time and early morning exercise into my routine.

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