Friday, October 31, 2003

weather and cds

Big accident on I-80, but it finally rained!

It rained last night, after nothing but dry blight for 2 months. The first rains here are always fraught with peril, because the rain brings up all the oil strewn over the roads since the last rain. So I expected to hit some traffic problems today. And of couse, my fellow commuters did not disappoint. Traffic backed up right as I was passing the Antelope exit. I grumbled to myself and edged over into the right lane to get off and head up Riverside. The far right lane is an exit-only one, and I was puzzled by it's incredibly slow movement. Of course, the stupid truck in front of me had black-tinted windows, an eternal pet peeve of mine. I suffer from severe road rage. I can't help it. I hate not knowing why I can't get somewhere. If I could just find out why I'm being forced to crawl to work in a vehicle made for speed, I think I could handle it. So, being unable to see through the vehicle in front of me, or around the vehicle beyond that one, I waited to find out just what was preventing me from getting OFF the freeway. The CPR guy was blabbing about a big 10-truck pile-up at Donner, but I didn't think that could be causing a backup in Roseville.

Just as I reached for my cell phone to call work and let them know I was going to be late, an upside-down car came into view. At first, I saw just the bumper, and my brain took a second to realize that the distance from the bumper to the ground was significantly greater than usual. We crawled ever closer to the cars parked, or jumbled about the side of the road.

About six perfectly upright cars were parked past the unfortunate one. A woman was sitting on the ground next to her inverted vehicle (a late 90s model Jetta--solid car!) talking on a cell phone. She seemed okay. I was impressed by the engineering that ensured the top of this car could withstand the full weight of the engine and body without crumpling. Lucky for her!

I just wonder, why is it that all cars end up overturned on the side of the road? They are never in the middle, always in a ditch or just on the shoulder.