Wednesday, October 15, 2003

Yahoo! News - Iraq War Swells Al Qaeda's Ranks, Report Says

Iraq War Swells Al Qaeda's Ranks, Report Says

Someone please explain to me how this helps us in the war on terror?

I used to conceive of the Islamist hatred for America as the outgrowth of resentment of our economic hegemony on Islamic culture, to the exclusion of all other causes. Namely, I thought this sinister and unquantifiable influence was the cause of fundamentalist frustration. Since Al-Qaida blew up our phallic monument to economic prowess/office building, I've learned even more about the dastardly deeds of US foreign policy. Now we have this overt, ideologically based, arrogant policy of covertly colonizing Arab countries under the guise of liberation. At least when we were funding coups and arming opposition forces, we couldn't be perceived as puppetmasters.

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