Monday, November 17, 2003

AlterNet: A Double Standard for Heroes?

AlterNet: A Double Standard for Heroes?
So I was already annoyed with the media for their preferential treatment of Jessica Lynch when another woman, Shoshanna Johnson, was also captured, injured and tortured by Iraqis. A black woman with a young daughter. And now, I read this:
    Today Johnson remains partially disabled, unable to stand for long periods (which clearly impacts her desired career), and haunted by flashbacks to her ordeal. But the U.S. Army, so buoyed by the publicity around the Lynch case, has now dealt Johnson and her family a severe blow. While Jessica Lynch is being discharged from the army with an 80-percent disability benefit, Johnson is being discharged on only 30-percent disability. The difference will mean a loss of nearly $700 per month for Johnson and her child.

That's not fair!

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