Tuesday, November 11, 2003

Bad Design

I have a serious issue with whatever American moron designed the cup holder in my car. Apparently, it is meant to hold just one type of cup.

If you have to choose one type of cup for a car that’s generally a commuter vehicle, what size and shape would that cup be?

A coffee-cup, perhaps? Maybe a taller, commuter mug?

Or perhaps, because you think that a person driving a $13,000 car probably eats cheap food and picks up coffee at McDonalds, you would try to achieve some approximation of the two, thus rendering the cup holder useless for anything besides a tall (smallest one, actually) Starbucks cup.

That is my car’s cup holder. Absolutely retarded. Today, I made myself a big commuter-mug-full of this Yerba Mate tea (comments on tea postponed—you’ll soon see why). As I turned left from my street onto H street--something that must be done quickly to avoid traffic—my mug toppled sideways out of the cup holder, spilling the entirety of its contents all over the floor of my car.

Screw you, GM.

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