Saturday, November 15, 2003

Bitter Senators Divided Anew on Judgeships


Sometime last week, Republicans hatched a plan to make Democrats look bad. What else is new? This plan will likely not make much of a difference in the election cycle, with people worrying about jobs, health care, and the Iraq occupation.

The Republicans want us to believe that Democrats are using procedural tactics to support an agenda out of touch with the will of the American people. Thus far, the Senate has been able to confirm 168 nominees to federal judgeships. Just three were blocked in the marathon debate. They are:

  • Carolyn Kuhl, as anti-choice as they come and quite the environmentalist,

  • Priscilla Owen, a friend to big business, and also a big fan of reproductive rights and public environmental protections, and finally

  • Janice Rogers Brown, the affirmative action candidate (and ironically, a detractor of affirmative action itself) of the Bush administration, and absolute judicial nutcase.

    My, what a lovely panel--looks like something Clinton would have pushed in his term. (By the way, the Republican-dominated congress, under Clinton, blocked 60 of his nominees, which makes the seven total blocked by Democrats seem minor in comparison. Not only that, but Democratic-majority Senates are much more likely to confirm Republican-nominated justices than the other way around.)

    In all his flustered angry indignation, grand homophobe and Senator Rick Santorum proclaimed :

      "we'll have our opportunity someday, and we'll make sure there's not another liberal judge, ever!"

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