Tuesday, November 18, 2003


Lying about the weather

Yesterday I got my hopes up about the weather. While driving to work, it appeared that it might rain. This would have suited me just fine, since that might have put a damper on Arnold's outdoor inaguration ceremony. Alas, the weather was not being cooperative, though Amelie reported that some Republicans were forced to stand in the mud, which was partially satisfying.

Arnold rang in his first day as governator by increasing the budget deficit to $14 billion, as he rescinded the vehicle license fee increase. It wasn't so much that he eliminated an unfair increase, which is how the media (left, right, and center) keeps describing it; he actually reinstated the vehicle license fee rebate, thus placing the burden on the state government once again to pay for public services like police and firemen.

I'm reserving judgement on the governator for at least a week. I figure he will show his true Pete Wilson colors in that amount of time. Right now we're hearing talk of borrowing $20 billion to cover this year's budget gap and buy us time to come up with a serious austerity plan. I haven't really heard talk of noble sacrifice yet, but I suspect it's coming.

Back to the weather: I've enjoyed the past few weeks of weekend showers, but I could use some more consistent rain in the forecast. I was encouraged by the five-day outlook yesterday, which promised rain on Thursday and Friday. Sadly, the rain has again been pushed out to Friday only. You should read the article I linked to in the title. I'm sure it works into this post, but I didn't have time to weave it in. Regardless, it is worth the attention.

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