Sunday, November 30, 2003

end of november, ohhhh

Is it really the end of November?

Are there really only about 8 hours remaining in my Thanksgiving vacation?

Have I done even half what I said I would?

The break started off like gangbusters. I actually did manage to see both the Matrix: Revolutions and Shattered Glass. My short synopsis of the final Matrix is this: a study in solipsism. Shattered Glass is the story of a fallen “reporter”, Stephen Glass, who at age 24, wowed nearly the entire staff of the New Republic with his clever colorful reporting and his amazing ability to gain access to otherwise untapped aspects of stories. Too bad that 27 of the 41 stories that regaled us from the pages of the “inflight magazine of Air Force One” were partially or entirely the product of a very creative and egomaniacal imagination. A good film, I highly recommend it.

Friday was relatively mellow. I had Chicken Flautas Rancheras at El Torito (my favorite), and paid too much for cat food at Petco. I will have to fix that situation at some point. I'm contemplating buying a firebelly toad, but I am afraid the temperature fluctuations in my apartment will be hard on the sucker. They are neat little animals. They change colors, from bright green to mud brown, but their tummies are dayglo red. So cute!

Friday night I stayed up until 2:30AM working on my mandala. And I got practically nowhere. I suspect that I would have been better served, health-wise, had I gone to bed at a more decent hour. I am coming down with a bit of a cold as a result of my overly zealous behavior. Not only that, I got up so damn late (for me) on Saturday morning—almost 10:30!

Saturday was quite a day, late start notwithstanding. I went to Crasharama, which is the most odd experience I’ve had in Sacto so far. It wasn’t actually in Sacramento, it was pretty far south on 99, past Elk Grove. It is, in essence, an amateur car demolition show. A middle-aged, balding, graying and orange jumpsuit-clad man named Johnny sets up a bunch of cars in front of a small ramp. He then drives another car over, through and between them. Four crashes and th’ Losin Streaks playing in between—a very interesting affair, to be sure. The thing that struck me as most odd was the mix of onlookers. All my hipster pals were there, but the event was equally attended by a lot of hard-ridden, put away wet types. Lots of bleached and dried out blonde hair, dark or gray roots, dark eyeliner and mascara, sun-seamed faces, and Budweiser. That’s how one best distinguishes the hipsters from the others—hipsters drink Pabst. And then, there’s the one black person, composed of one half me and one half the other mulatto guy in attendance. Funny.

Dinner at Hamburger Mary’s was yum, but I won’t be getting the BBQ bacon cheeseburger again. It is simply too dry. Next time, I’m going for the hacienda burger.

I had every intention of returning home and getting to work on my other projects. I was still feeling a bit under the weather, so I made some tea and threw on a sweater. I managed a little futzing around on the computer, but then Alice's high school friends came over. They were such nice girls that I decided to go with them to our favorite neighborhood pub, the Bonn Lair. We were having a great chat, getting drunk and loud and a bit raucous. And then Amelie showed up, and we became even more uninhibited. A pizza was ordered and delivered, and by the time the night ended, we had attracted the attention of two gentlemen at the bar and two SacBee reporters I know, who happened to be sitting in the booth behind us. That's what happens when 5 girls get drunk and start talking about sex I suppose. We got free drinks, so who can complain!

At this point, I realized my weekend was shot, so I slept in this morning...until 9AM. Then I went over to Amelie's to finally meet Ally, who is back from her study abroad program in New Zealand and is a lovely girl. A gaggle of us went to Pyramid for lunch. I should have gotten my beloved spicy chicken wings, because their clam chowder was simply adequate, whereas the chicken wings are really tasty.

Now I'm trying to condense about 12 hours of work into 4. Fat chance. I'm in triage mode!

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