Tuesday, November 04, 2003

moment of truth

Moment of Truth

I can't believe iam sitting here typing this right now. My cell phone alarm is set for 3:30 AM. Because that is what time it is where I ive. Strangely, it feels like 6:30. I guess my valiant efforts to stay awake during travel time yesterday were successful in mitigating my jet lag. Even so, I will need a double-shot of espresso this morning.

The training commences in about two hours. I have nothing scripted but the agenda, but I'm strangely calm about it. After all, I am working with a pro. My only concern is that the teachers wlll be totally clueless and mildly hostile. This is clearly just residual PTSD from the last big presentation I did--in 2000, about employee compensation.

I' d write more, but Im still on this stupid, s-l-o-w hotel thingymabob, so you'll have to wait until I get to a Kinko's this afternoon.

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