Sunday, November 09, 2003


When it rains, it pours

We had the best thunderstorm today. There was no lightning that I could see, but plenty of thunder to enjoy. It rained so violently this afternoon that we had a spot of hail! I guess it's obvious that rain is my favorite type of weather. Yesterday, when Amelie, Seamas the wonderpup, and I drove out to Sonoma to pick up an easel, it rained and made everything smell clean and fresh and alive. We went to the Westerbeke Ranch, a place you can rent for retreats or weddings or conferences. They have a meditation labyrinth and a hot tub, cute little hovels perfect for sneaking off to for some quiet time or some cuddle time. The whole place is just what I imagine when I think of my retirement, or simply what I'd be doing if money, time and space were no issue. I'd be sitting on a porch in a highly vegetated area drinking tea and watching the rain. That, to me, is paradise.

After our drive back to Sacto, I let Amelie take a weedwacker to my eyebrows. They are still there, but just not as bushy and crazy as before. I like them. Amelie may not realize this, but she is now forever bound to me as my aesthetician. Among other things, of course.

Today I decided I needed a new bra and some tights to match my new skirt (that I bought 3 months ago and have been waiting for the damn weather to cool off enough to wear it). I went to JC Penney, because they are having a good lingerie sale. JC Penney is known for it's relatively low prices, and still I couldn't find a decent bra for under $20. I'm not asking for padding or push-ups or water-filled falsies, just a normal cotton bra for crissakes. Somehow, this is not an easy item to locate. I don't think the price of female undergarments, which are absolutely necessary for me, is fair. Would a man pay $20 for something he had to wear every day, underneath his clothes? I doubt it.

Not only do bras have to fit and cost too much, but I find that more than several are necessary to accomodate my wardrobe. There's different fits, depending on how you want your boobs to look, how your shirts are cut, what kind of fabric, etc. It's ridiculous, but necessary. It doesn't help that I keep gaining and losing about 15 pounds between summer and winter (gain in summer, lose in winter--I know, it's counterintuitive)--so I have to have two sets of bras. Alright. There are worse problems. I will stop whining like a spoiled brat. What really needs to be cheaper are tampons. We really can't get by without those.

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