Thursday, November 13, 2003


Live Green

Last night was the first Earth Day planning meeting I have had time to attend. There weren't many people in the room. Despite the low turnout, the heavy hitters were there. My favorite Sierra Club peeps, Vicki and Dave. That's all I need to know shit will be good. Dave's got vision.

We ran into some problems finishing the meeting, because we had a clash of cultures. Many earth day-ers are hippie pagan idealist anti-establishment types. And they can't understand that the rest of the world sees them as lazy, out-of-touch, blindly idealistic fruitcakes. They can't identify.

I like to think of myself as one who stands in the middle. I understand the goals of the Gaia-consciousness movement, but I see how they are completely foreign to the average Joe. Since I'm still on the fence spiritually myself, I can see how the focus on a particular path to environmentalism is alienating.

Which is why you should keep it out of the slogan. We want to attract *new* people to Earth Day. And we want to educate them about ways to live on the Earth without destroying it. But bombarding them with spiritual tracts isn't going to cut it unless someone figures out how to rewrite the Bible, the Qu'ran, and the Torah. And the Upanishads. And whatever else religious tracts I am forgetting.

Unfortunately, we as a group can't seem to get past our own ideals to appeal to another group. We'd be bad political strategists, that's for sure.

However, last night, we took about an hour to talk around and around about a slogan. And in the end we settled on what we'd started with: "Building a Green Future."

I like this slogan. I like mine better. It's active, it's short, it's simple and it's a mantra. Sneakily so.

I'll say it again:

Live Green

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