Sunday, November 02, 2003

Yahoo! News - Eighteen Die in Second Worst Day for U.S. in Iraq

"They would rather have us fighting terrorists outside of the United States of America than inside," he said.

Eighteen Die in Second Worst Day for U.S. in Iraq: Mission accomplished.

This is really disgusting. Remember when I said that no matter what, we needed more troops on the ground? A better security force to root out resistance, clamp down on it before it could get ballsy? Well, it's still true, and the organized resistance too late to prevent. The scale and savvy of these attacks suggests sophisticated planning, and an intelligence failure on our part. I think the stated goal of quickening the pace of Iraqi police training is a good one. However, in the interim it behooves us to get more help from our allies. Unfortunately, it seems like we don't have very many willing to take a substantial risk.

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