Monday, November 24, 2003

Yahoo! News - Iraqi Teens Pummel Bloodied U.S. Soldiers

Iraqi Teens Pummel Bloodied U.S. Soldiers

This just makes me sad. I know the press has a reputation for reporting only stories of bloodiness, tragedy and sacrifice, but this display of mob animosity and undiluted hostility towards American troops is neither false nor is it an aberration. I know we need to stay in Iraq in order to avoid creating a power vacuum like the one left in Afghanistan by the Soviets, and that with Turkey's democracy to the North we could be very well seeding democracy in the Middle East. However, it seems to me that there is a significant destabilization in Iraq, and the world over. I think the US is in for a long, hard fight, and that we still may come out on the other side of this with Iraq becoming the catalyst for a wave of full-on Islamification in the Middle East if this doesn't turn out well. The Bush administration appears no longer concerned with implementing a democratic political system in Iraq as it does in saving political capital with American voters. While stepping up attacks on these guerrilla forces may give the appearance of a decisive strike intended to quash insurgency, the fact that everyday citizens will bludgeon soldiers to death suggests that the "Iraqi street" is no longer amenable to our cause.

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