Sunday, November 09, 2003

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Not Cellar Dwellers

This is kind of exciting. My alma mater isn't at the bottom of the heap in the Big Ten this year. Unbelievable. NU's team is usually so abysmal that I have finally grown accustomed to being the laughing-stock of the NCAA football.

My freshman year at Northwestern, our team was amazingly good. They were the darlings of underdog football, the ultimate Cinderella story. It all began with a major upset over Notre Dame, and ended with a Rose Bowl berth. My credit card was happy to enable me to purchase tickets to the game in Pasadena. I was accompanied by a high school classmate, one whom I later realized had been pursuing me via a strategy of email communication and massive flattery. (I was and remain fairly clueless as to when men are interested. Ugly duckling syndrome, no doubt.)

My "date" and I couldn't have been further apart on the political spectrum. He went to Berkeley and promptly became president of the Berkeley College Republicans. He proudly told me that he had been instrumental in bringing conservative nutcase Alan Keyes to speak at his school. I have no idea how this was supposed to impress me. Chris and I had often locked horns on issues such as welfare and NAFTA in our government class in high school, and I held a healthy contempt for this boy. In fact, I thought him evil. He looked a lot like Newt Gingrich too, which did not help his case.

Anyway, we lost the Rose Bowl game to USC. I took Chris home, and refused to speak with him much after that, because I finally figured out what he was up to.

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