Saturday, October 09, 2004

back in the saddle

Last Night

I'm tired of the game of lowering expectations, and I'm very disappointed that the "soft bigotry of low expectations" wasn't mentioned last night. I just love that turn of phrase. How could Bush disappoint me? He'd better bring it up in the next debate. Bush is all about low expectations. Bungle the first debate so that he can perform like an adequate high school debater in the second contest and come out smelling like roses. I'm sorry, but it's clear to me that it took getting his ass whooped in the foreign policy debate to take the damn process seriously and that kind of dismissal of the importance of this process demonstrates to me that he has no respect for anyone. Not that the myriad other stances he takes on everything from reproductive rights to the environment don't demonstrate that also.

I watched the debate at the Democratic Party HQ last night. Darrell Steinberg gave a speech to rally the troops at the end. He thought Kerry wiped the floor with Bush. The rest of the crowd, appreciably loud through much of the debate, thought so too. I thought Bush did better in this debate than the first, but I still felt his responses were rehearsed. That "name three mistakes" question will come back to haunt him. People want to see that he has humility, which he clearly does not.

I went to the Bonn Lair with Amelie, Ally and Esther afterwards. I ate fish n' chips. They were okay, but I think I'll stick to tuna sandwiches from now on. I ended up at the Distillery for the first time in ages and I really enjoyed myself. I saw lots of peeps. This weird Charlie guy, who I met at a party earlier this year and never before in my life, kept insisting that he knew me from some river expedition, and that I had told a joke about the dictionary. I'm not prone to telling jokes, but a yarn about Webster's is probably the kind of amusement I would appreciate. Alas, I have no knowledge of this joke, and Suresh didn't help me out any to get this dude off my case. Aside from weird gigantic blonde dude, I had a great time. Finally saw the Bright Ideas. The Frenchmen rocked the house, and of course, so did Rock the Light. I went home immediately afterward and Alice was supposed to follow shortly.

It's 7:30 and she's still not home, so I'm a little worried.

Update: Alice was too drunk to drive home last night, so she stayed at Darin R K's place. I wish she would have at least called so I wasn't preparing to send out a search party this morning.

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