Thursday, October 14, 2004


Following the leader

Trisha found Blog Explosion. I joined. I was subjected to a lot of blogs for Bush. I didn't like that so much.

I just finished watching some of the debate on the C-SPAN web site. It was a lot of the same. I think that something very interesting has happened. Because Kerry is articulate and moderately detailed about his policies and proposals, it's forced Bush to defend his policies in policy-speak. It's a constant frustration and fascination of mine that Republicans manage to distill their economic messages into such simplistic, easily digestible nuggets, replete with catch phrases and 10-second, internally consistent, though perhaps realistically nonsensical, arguments. What I learned from this debate series is that if you really talk about the issues, Bush becomes a bad economics teacher. That's okay. I'm not feeling anybody's economics teaching lately anyway.

I gave my presentation in class this evening. I'm not thrilled with my performance. I'm too conversationalist and not good enough at acting like a presenter. People like to interrupt me. And I look awful on camera. It's like my face has been smushed. I need a new hair style. Moreover, I need to study. How am I going to finish this big work project and study and write a paper and keep up with all the reading and sleep this month? I'm losing it! Has anyone else noticed how conversational my tone has gotten lately? I really feel like I'm floundering here on so many levels. I'm not screeching mad about it like I was last week, but I'm not pleased with myself at all.

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