Friday, October 15, 2004

Capital Public Radio

Pay Up!

Capital Public Radio is having its fall funding drive. It's time for me to renew my membership. I hope they still have the cool Morning Edition mug when I call.

The Kerry-Edwards team is calling for our support as well. Considering the latest 3-day tracking poll, it looks like they could use it. I can't for the life of me understand why Americans would want to live in a theocracy, but apparently a large portion of them do. If things head that way, I'll be working on my immigration to France. Yes, France.

Today there is supposed to be a meetup for the Sacramento bloggers group at the Fox & Goose. 7PM. There are dozens of members, but only 3 of us have RSVP'ed for the meeting. I hope more come, but I doubt it. Since I want to go to Rumplestiltskin and get some yarn so I can begin the Lacy Poncho, as well some yarn to make scarves for my grandparents, I'm fine with heading over there for a while. I just hope some other people do too.

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