Monday, October 18, 2004

completely buried

Seriously now

I have negative time right now. My head is going to explode. I'm a bad project manager and my work project is seriously delayed due to lazy people. All of us are inherently lazy is my new observation.

Anyway, this is my to do list for the rest of this month, and likely the reason I can't blog much:

    1. Complete chemistry manual at work. No small feat when you're the only person doing any work, even though there's supposedly four of you working on it.

    2. Economics reading and type up homework and critique of last week's presentation.

    3. Intro to Public Policy reading--four chapters on economics.

    4. Research California's response to the NCLB legislation and how it adapted its API framework to the AYP structure required by NCLB. Also look into the reporting issues surrounding aggregated data and equity issues involved. Prepare a statement for Intro to PPA teacher by Monday, 10/25.

    5. Review all economics covered since the first day of class in preparation for the midterm on 10/27. Also review homework, discussion questions, and sample tests. Prepare specific questions for review session on Saturday. Continue to study like a crazy person until 10/27.

    6. Buy tickets to Ted Leo show on 11/6, because after this shite, I need the break.

    7. Reluctantly prepare to revise portions of bureaucracy paper because I know that puppy sucked and I'm not just being paranoid.

So as you can see, I'm completely deluged with work. I won't be able to blog, though I love it so. I will see you when I see you. Sorry to be so scarce. Thanks and good night.

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