Friday, October 22, 2004

distillery 2004

Friday's Mail

I drank 3 Newcastle Brown Ales at the Distillery last night. That may have been a teensy bit excessive, considering I'm somehow back in the college mode of drinking most nights of the week. Not binging or anything, I'm a moderation girl, but those calories can add up! Regardless, sometimes you just need beers, and last night I felt like drinking them.

It was a great evening. The first band that played didn't really tickle my fancy, even though, as g-star mentioned, they were "kind of country." I happen to like some bands of that ilk. This band, however, was not one of them. They sounded a bit too much like a crappily earnest Gin Blossoms or something.

Cake's brother played acoustic guitar between sets and generally got in everyone's way, to my understanding. I watched The Daily Show in closed captioning. Jon Stewart is amazing.

Munia played one of their better sets. I don't know if it was the fact that I had wadded up bits of toilet paper in my ears instead of my usual gigantic yellow ear plugs or if it actually was the mix, but I could hear everything in just the right balance. Chris is dying of pneumonia and sang really well in spite of it (go Chris!). But the real surprise of the evening was the fact that I could hear Suresh sing. Color me impressed. He has a very sweet voice, and I mean that in the best, least cheesy way possible.

Alice was very sleepy and wanted to go home after Munia, so I cajoled Leon and Niki into giving me a ride home, which they graciously provided. The evening ended with a tongue in cheek set from The Knightmares. This was my first time seeing them. I enjoyed the music and couldn't hear much of the lyrics, except when they diverted from the plan to blast Bush. Because this was an anti-Bush rally, after all.

Good times. It made me happy to be in Sacramento.

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