Friday, October 29, 2004


Hallowe'en, kids

I miss the Chick tracts I used to get from the evangelicals as a kid. Being one who took Sunday school to be another place to read cool stories, and ultimately preferring the stories from the Bhagavad-gita, the Chick tracts were just another interpretation to me. And honestly, they made little sense, though I found the comic book construction appealing. I suppose that is the point, to condense complex theological priniciples into 10 frames or less. More or less unsuccessfully, if the goal was converting yours truly.

I think I will be Diana Ross for the costume no-Loft Loft show that Leon just sent me word of:

halloweenie parteenie and show(eenie)
okay, folks. the speculation is over.
through a very long and tedious audition process, the commitee for great halloween shows has whittled the situation down to this:
a tentative line-up of bands;
1) THE seattle grunge all stars featuring the drummer from mother love bone
2) hole
3)the spin doctors
4)the beastie boys
5) S.T.P.

this all star lineup is sceduled to begin at 7:00 .
if there are any other acts that have been overlooked, please come and perform anyway, as it was accidental and there was not really an audition process.

this party is a COSTUME affair and so i want you pukes to be dressed to the T in your finest finery. IM TALKING COSTUMES < BABY!!!
there will be two trunks and several tubs of spare costume parts for those with less impetus\creativity. but you GOTTA RETURN EM!!!!
so yeah.
i think thats about it.
3800 33rd street.
be there to be merry.

yes. that halloween extravadanza is friday night
uh huh.
it is.


tHe fReNcHmEn


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