Thursday, October 07, 2004

Luna : Bio

Tiger Lily

Oh, what a bummer. One of my favorite bands, Luna, is is calling it quits in spring 2005. Here's what Dean Wareham had to say about the reasons why:

    1. Rock and Roll is killing my life.
    2. The Universe is Expanding.
    3. There are too many bands out there, travelling around, singing their songs etc.
    4. Too much time spent in 15-passenger vans. According to 20/20, these things flip over.
    5. Too many hands to shake, that means germs.
    6. Too many dinners at Wendy's.
    7. People are dying in Iraq.
    8. This is what bands do (with a few exceptions, like R.E.M. and Metallica, and the Rolling Stones). Those bands, however, are multibillion dollar corporations. You don’t break that up unless the government forces you to.
    9. Hotel Electravision.
    10. Time to Quit.

Well, wherever they're playing their final California show, I'll be going. Who's with me? And speaking of shows, who's down for the Ted Leo show at GAMH next month? It's only $11 a pop. And it's on a Saturday, so no annoying getting back to Sac early the next day nonsense.

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