Thursday, October 14, 2004

oil is murder

My pocketbook is bleeding

I filled up today. I paid $2.35 a gallon. I have a 12+ gallon tank and as I've mentioned, my fuel economy is inexplicably and precipitously falling. I used to get close to 400 miles to a tank and now I consider myself lucky when I get 350. That's one less day of driving to work, at least. So instead of getting 7 commutes out of a tank, I get six, more often less, given running errands in city traffic. And since I started school, my carpooling has become sporadic, as I can't make it work at least two days a week. So I'm driving more, getting less mileage from a tank, and the price is unbelievable. I paid almost $30 to fill up this morning. I've gone from spending about $60 a month to $120 a month on gas in the last two months. No matter what the percentage of my total income, that's a big jump. Oy vey.

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