Sunday, October 10, 2004

sick and tired

A fever?

I had a million and one things to accomplish today. You see, I just purchased an audiobook called The Procrastinator's Handbook. I got it on tape because I know I'd never sit down and read the hard copy. That's me acknowledging my limitations and accomodating them as best I can. Unfortunately, I have a nasty sinus infection and now, a fever. I was supposed to go to a party around the corner from my place--held by one of the faculty of my program. I even went to the Co-op to get an item to bring (it's a pot luck). I don't want to get anyone sick, so I think it's best if I stay home. I don't know if what I have is contagious or not, so I'm playing it safe. Plus I really don't feel very good. But that could be due to hunger. It's hard to tell sometimes.

Regardless, I need a little rest before I dive back into studying for the afternoon.

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