Friday, November 12, 2004

good reads

Guy Stuff Plug

Is everyone reading Guy Stuff? It's a very good read. I've helped facilitate the addiction of several people. If you haven't given it a shot so far, have a look.

Some lines from the latest chapter, to pique your interest:

    Ony a few other people were waiting for the train in the half-lit gloom: an elderly Asian couple, a young guy in a baseball hat and leather jacket, and a middle aged black guy strumming some blues on a battered electric guitar. I took out my wallet and checked the contents: two dollars. The black guy had put out an old derby hat in front of him; I added one of my dollars to the few quarters that lay at the bottom.

    “Bless you, brother,” he said.

    “Hey, I need the karma,” I said.

    “Then may the circle treat you right,” he said, smiling.

    “Hope so,” I said.

    “You give to homeless guys a lot,” said Emily as I rejoined her.

    “I do when they’re adding something,” I said. “Guys who are just sitting there, usually not. He’s playing not-bad blues.”

    “They’re not-good blues, also,” she said.

    “True,” I said. “But it’s the holidays.”

I need to find some good, relateable, interesting fiction. I usually read the classics, and find myself focused on things beyond the characters. But a really good character-driven read is all I want right now. I was thinking about Kristin Gore's book, which, judging from the excerpt, looks promising. But you, dear readers, are always an unequaled font of knowledge. Read any good books lately?

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