Sunday, November 28, 2004

knitting time


I will miss my knitting group this morning and this evening, and this saddens me a bit. I was just perusing and came across this knitting bag, which also comes in brown microfiber suede. Inside the bag is a matching needle roll, which is much cheaper, but certainly not as cute or inventive, than the ones from Megan at the organized knitter. I need a knitting bag, however, and the roll will do until I can buy a better one.

I'm supposed to see my dad this morning for breakfast, so I called him about 15 minutes ago to coordinate our schedules. I'm amused by the fact that both he and Greg have suggested what I think are rather mediocre breakfast places. I suppose my tastes have become yuppified, because when I express a desire for breakfast with friends and family, I am not thinking of the nearby greasy spoon or Norms. Norms has a certain charm, this is true, but it is a decidedly grungy charm, and not the sort of place I would offer up for guests unless they were really into ktisch.

Our discussion once again confirmed for me how awesome Sacramento is. When I have company, I have so many good restaurants to choose from that it becomes a rather difficult undertaking to make a choice. We have 33rd Street Bistro, with their exquisite berry pancakes and Northwest scramble, and Cafe Bernardo, which plys the best breakfast burrito I have ever had in my life. The Fox and Goose puts most places to shame, with the olallaberry scones with devonshire creme and my DIY feta, bacon, avocado omelette. If it is kitsch you desire, the Pancake Circus on Broadway will do in a pinch, and the food is good too--though I can't say the same for the coffee. Gonul's, around the corner from my house and less than a year old, is fast becoming a favorite breakfast destination, as their French-style omelettes and hazelnut french toast, along with turkish coffee and fresh OJ are excellent.

There's more, but those are my top five. Sacramento is a good place to eat breakfast, and that makes me like it even more.

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