Wednesday, November 24, 2004


Vacations postponed.

I have decided to cancel my Crazy Train trip due to lack of funds and the greed of the airline and train companies. Originally slated and budgeted at $350, when I went to purchase my tickets yesterday, the combined increases constituted a $150 price increase. I can't justify that, unfortunately. I have yet to inform my grandparents of the change in schedule, but I know they will be very disappointed. Hopefully I can get out there in January, before school starts again.

I'm supposed to head down to LA on Friday for a few days with the Ladybug and her beau, both of whom I enjoy spending time with and haven't seen for quite a while. Unfortunately, I have so much to do for work and school that I can't make the trip unless I'm assured I'll be able to do work via computer the entire time. So far, I've had no luck procuring a laptop for use over the weekend. I could ask the training department at work, or my boss, but I'd rather not signal that I need to work over the holiday to them, particularly not to my boss. Since I can't get a hold of a laptop, I'll probably have to stay in Sacramento. Which I really don't want to do this weekend.

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