Thursday, November 11, 2004

the most interesting person in the world


Today the travel bug bit me with a vengeance. Not the "get out of town for some R&R" travel bug, but the "life-changing stereotypical soul-searching twentysomething" travel bug. More like a blood-sucking tick bite than a flea bite. I'm not well-traveled outside of the US. I've been to Canada and Mexico, and I have a list a mile long of interesting places on this side of the world worth investigating. I've been to many states in the US. I'm mostly a fan of the highly populated areas. I think I don't prefer the empty spaces because they aren't as breathtaking as some of the empty spaces on this coast. Think of the empty spaces in Kansas. Corn. Not so interesting. At least, not so interesting I want to spend hundreds of dollars getting there. Maybe if it were some sort of retreat. Maybe.

I've had the (mis)fortune of being convinced I will die young from an early age. With all the rigamarole around a Marfan Syndrome diagnosis at age 12 and the continuing frustrations with chest pains and back pain and knee pain and whatever else decides to ache on a particular day, I've always wanted to get the most out of life. Those efforts are often thwarted by the more immediate and pressing concerns of quotidian life. Some people have managed to travel extensively, and as a result are unsympathetic to my reasoning for not doing so, but when you spend 40% of your college earnings on health care, it gets pretty damn hard to spend it on much else.

So Pam posted the quiz below. I discovered that, despite my lack of physical travel, I'm a decently interesting human being. According to the quiz. It's levels of bias have yet to be determined. I think my lack of travel is what kept me from being SUPER-interesting.

I hope to remedy that soon. As soon as the squirrely feeling in my chest (caused by one or two of my weird heart murmurs--medical students were shocked to hear them) subsides.

I'm Pretty Darn Interesting!
I'm Pretty Darn Interesting!
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You may not be the life of the party, but people generally find you a fun-loving font of interesting stories, jokes, and wit. With just a little more work, you could easily become the most interesting person you know!

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