Thursday, November 04, 2004

Psychology Today: Here To Help

A Long, Hard Winter

Now that the rending of garments, tearing of hair, tears of despair and temper tantrums have subsided, I've started steadying myself for the long haul of Republican domination. I'd like to believe that the red states can be made more purple, but if we're voting in a culture war like I think we are, I doubt that will happen without a concerted effort by blue people to infiltrate the red states, which is not a policy I'm advocating. Instead, I'm all about federalism. I will live in California in my little socially liberal enclave and try to reform our political system so that we stop electing rabid partisans to the legislature on both sides. I'm not really sure how to do that, but I would hate to see us transfer power exclusively to Papa Arnold. He may be a skilled politician, but according to Dan Walters, he's tacking to the right now that John Burton's not going to be around to corrall the Democrats. And we'd be fools to expect Fabian Nunez to be able to. See what your term limits have wrought, California? Rabid partisanship and no political capital--nothing gets done.

In dark times such as these we all need a little love and tenderness to remind us of what's good in the world. I've always taken an Anselmian view of good and evil and so I reluctantly accept the bleak future of the next four years. I keep striving and fighting and trying to understand how the Dems can make a comeback. Part of me suspects Bush will fuck up royally and make it easy for us. But as I said whilst imitating Ann Coulter at the Bonn Lair the other evening "Take away terrorism, and the Republicans want everyone to eat dog food." I won't go into details.

The latest issue of Phsychology Today deals with the science behind attraction and love. To me, this would be a good thing to focus on, because as Stevie Wonder said, "Love's in need of love today." And look, there's a bunch of Canadians just waiting to marry me.

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