Tuesday, November 09, 2004

random babble


  • It seems no matter how hard I try to get adequate sleep, I feel like I've been drugged as soon as I get to work. I can't remember the last time I felt energized when I had to go somewhere in the morning. Why is life such a long, hard slog?

  • My Econ prof never sent me the ballot for choosing our topics for next semester. I worry that he's kicking me out of the class.

  • I got a call back from the music store where I took the clarinet Lindsay sent me to be repaired. I thought it needed a new pad or two and some tightening of screws, and that the whole job would run me between $25-40. So you can imagine my surprise when the guy tells me it will cost $80. It turns out the pads were infested with carpet beetles. No matter how many times I relate this information, my skin never ceases to crawl. Ewwww. Apparently one should store instruments in plastic bags over the long term.

  • I took my car in for an oil change and forgot to get my windshield wipers replaced. I'm a little tired of driving around with half a field of vision. Hopefully the car wash place can take care of it today.

  • My Lacy Poncho isn't turning out exactly as planned. The pattern calls for sport or baby yarn, I chose the former. I got Brown Sheep Nature Spun sport weight. It's too fluffy, and so I worry that the poncho won't drape like ponchos are supposed to. Not sure if there's a way to fix this either. Hopefully, Judy will have some advice.

  • My dad visited me Sunday night. I hadn't seen him in almost two years. He looks better than he did last time I saw him, so I can only assume that moving out of the house has been good for him. I hope he can reconcile with my sister. I can't talk to her. But after talking with someone who knows my entire family fairly well, I think I will write her a letter. And send a check.

  • In a moment of weakness, I bought three pairs of shoes at Baker's on Friday. I think I hate the way one pair looks with anything but jeans. They are beige suede and make my feet look enormous. They'd be fine if I were in college and wearing bulky socks and figure-concealing clothes, but here, I look like Bigfoot. The other pair of sensible shoes fit okay but they squeak when I walk. The squeak is internal to the shoe, which makes me suspicious of the construction quality. The third pair is totally unreasonable: hot pink suede mary janes. But they were only $10!

  • I'm still undefeated in fantasy football. I'm sure to lose this weekend though. My team's been getting steadily worse. I just have a favorable schedule.
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