Thursday, November 25, 2004



I haven't even had any turkey yet and I'm already exhausted.

This morning marked the annual "Appetite Enhancement" bike ride. It begins at Barber Shop, where bands were playing, drinks were being liberally served and imbibed, and food was being grilled and eaten. Anyone who hadn't left town for Thanksgiving (which in this town, is most, since the bulk of them hail from the area, or are orphaned transplants like myself) was milling about in the throng of dogs, people and bicycles of all sorts. I wish my digital camera was functioning--I would have many interesting pictures to share. The rainbow of bike colors alone was something of a marvel, and the riders, in their vibrant or muted tones of winter warmth wear, were equally festive. The sun fought through the clouds for the most part, though the air was brisk and a few times we were splattered with heavy raindrops, no real storm materialized.

Many wondered how we would get so many people mobilized and moving in the same direction. Others wondered what would happen once we did. Around 11AM, a chorus of bike bells began to chime, signaling the rest of us to queue up for the ride. It was by no means a constitution of the phalanx of battle, our band of merry riders was much too motley for that. Though everyone, on foot could fit into a 1/4-block area, once the bike ride began, the throng of riders spread out quickly. A few people, in their excitement, ran over others just trying to get a leg up. Most of us managed to stay atop our bikes and keep beers balanced. We advanced down L Street whooping, laughing, honking and hollering. We ran through red lights as braver souls than I stopped cars in midstride. As we rode, tourists filmed us and children waved, shouting "Happy Thanksgiving!" We put the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade to shame.

My ass is sore. And it's time to eat!

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