Monday, November 01, 2004

voting tomorrow


I never manage to assess the full list of propositions for each election on this blog. I always say I will and fail. If you need a quick primer, here's a site that provides quick and dirty descriptions.

And here's my brief thoughts on a few:

I'm voting against the two election reform initiatives (Props 60 & 62) because they won't fix anything. I'm voting against Prop 72 because, as my father exclaimed when he called last night on his way to Portland "it will put the entire state of California out of business." That's a bit extreme, but I think that it will cost too much in the short term and the state's economic situation is too precarious to handle it right now. I'm voting for Prop 71 because I want the state to deliver a big middle finger to the Bush administration. I also think that it is always good to attract big smartypants to our fair land. I'm voting against both the Indian Gaming initiatives, because I don't think either one is fair. I also don't think 1A or 65 are sensible so I'm ixnaying them too. I think one or the other will pass though, so get ready for an increased quagmire of state budget madness every year for the rest of eternity. Prop 66 might help us save money on prisons, or it might make us spend more money on criminals. Either way, I think the original intent of the three-strikes law needs to be reaffirmed, so I'm voting for it. I'm voting no on the DNA database. That's creepy.

I'm totally nervous. It's the four-year anniversary of my company going under. I have this dread in the pit of my stomach that something, once again, will happen to throw my entire existence into massive upheaval.

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