Monday, November 22, 2004

Warfare.. Dollar Style!

Warfare.. Dollar Style!

Here in Huntsville, Alabama dinnertime just isn't dinnertime without a good dose of boring local evening news about a lost dog or the latest bust of an oxycotin/crystal meth syndicate in one of the many shithole backwaters surrounding the city. Hell, I like watching the national and world news at 5:30 just so I can at least see depressing news that actually matters, and remind myself to be thankful that we have worldwide telecommunications, cause without it, I'm sure I'd actually be crushed to see that "Old Man Taylor's" filling station was being demolished to make room for a pre-fab metal structure strip mall slated to house a Big Lots, Subway, and Misty's Adult Emporium.

By now I'm sure many of you have heard or seen the latest fuck-up in the really long freight-train like series of fuck-up's that is the Iraq War. "Alegedly", Marine elements in the insurgent held city of Falluja came across some mortally wounded fighters holed up in a bombed out Masjid, and as the headlines have told us, a Marine shot and killed an aparently unarmed and (more than likely) dying insurgent in the head.

Discussing this matter with some of the locals at a corner gas n' shop down the street from my house, I got pretty much the same reaction from everyone I asked for their opinion.. "Hail, I woulda' shot that fucker daid then and thur' too if it was me."
And between bites of my milky way and overpumping my 1.98 a gallon 87 octane by 2 bucks, it struck me.. I probably would have done the same thing too.. if I was HIM. But what alot of people fail to see is what lead up to this incident actually happening. According to CNN, NBC, CNBC, MSNBC, and Ted Turner himself, the soldier that actually pulled the trigger had the day before been shot in the face. Elsewhere the day before, another soldier had been killed by a boobytrapped body while trying to give aid his wounds. Now I've never been in combat, (unless you count evening rush hour on the 75 in ATL) but I'd bet Lindsey Lohan's chest that fear precluded any kind of rational judgement being taken before painting an abstract mural with the deceased's gray matter.

But that's not all.. what I am wondering is why the hell was this kid even allowed to go BACK into combat after being wounded in the face like that. I'm pretty sure anybody that gets capped like that and is allowed to go back into the shit without even having the chance to clean his drawers and get his mind right is going to have a very itchy trigger finger. But what's even worse is the sheer "knee-jerk" posture that the military is taking to this entire situation, i.e. moving the aforementioned soldier to the rear and launching an "investigation". Once again, instead of being proactive, we end up with a melee of damage control by the military and administration spin masters trying to justify the ends. Look, we're now spending over 7% of this nations GDP on war time defense, and if you ask me, just a fraction of a 450 billion dollar defense budget ought to buy a whole fucking warehouse worth of "proactivity"! Furthermore, these investigations seem to simply state and restate the obvious time and time again and are playing out just like reruns of Law & Order.. and shit like this is only telling me what thinking people already know: that this conflict is being fought dollar store style..

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