Wednesday, November 10, 2004

whine and cheese

Bogged down

When I get bogged down I sometimes ask guest bloggers to do some interesting posting for me. Unfortunately, guest bloggers are reliable only in the respect that they are unreliable. My cousin is supposed to be writing something about the south on here, as he's a poor liberal living in Alabama. We'll see if he gets around to it.

I've got a lot to get through in the next few days. I need to start getting my thoughts to gel on my NCLB project, and I need to stay focused on California. This is difficult because the most interesting cases that demonstrate how NCLB will fail some students seem to come out of DC.

California hasn't started reporting data properly, and so it remains to be seen whether the same thing happens here. I suspect it will. It will be just like what happened to my high school once inter-district transfers became available. The old school, that had a decent amount of academic capital based on school attendance radii, became the overflow, problem-child, vocational and adult ed school, and many of the kids whose parents could afford to drive them to the school on the opposite end of town (and my town is not small) left.

I've often been in situations where I was removed from the nearby school in my community because I could be better served at another. I was bussed from age 6-10. I thought it was a good thing, and for selfish reasons; I realized that I benefitted from being in classes with my peers, instead of in overcrowded classes with students of varying ability levels. On the other hand, I suffered socially. I have no childhood friends because I happened to live in a neighborhood with no other kids who were pooled at the GATE school. Having experienced both being forced to be mainstreamed and selected for special treatment, I ultimately prefer the latter, but I have teacher friends who think taking the smart kids out of classrooms makes it much more difficult to motivate the rest. So there's that.

In other news, I am worried about poor people. I heard a story on Marketplace last night that discussed the inflationary effects of the Republican tax-cutting plans and how the Fed would probably have to raise interest rates pretty quickly to offset the inflationary spike. Interest rates are bound to increase anyway with the government borrowing up all the money in the world. I can't help but assume that less affluent people would be hurt by this in the form of egregiously high increases in credit card interest rates and less purchasing power in general. Plus, as I've said before, all the cuts in social services. I haven't had time to make heads or tails of this information, but it's on my mind.

This weekend I am practicing making Cornish Hens with Sweet Garlic Vermouth Sauce for a dinner party Alice and I are having the following weekend. Maybe I will get some of this Jones Soda.

I'm disappointed in Zeeby's bag. For some reason, I can't sew the damn thing together! The yarn disintegrates after about ten stitches. I'm thinking about using another contrasting color in acrylic yarn. That should hold up over time. I'm going to have to admit that the bag needs lining too. Hmph. I guess I'm going to Joann's at lunch today to see what I can do.

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